Monday, September 25, 2017



What is identity?

This refers to the different factors put together that define who you are.

This includes temperament, vulnerability, ideologies, open choices, responsibilities, occupation, possibilities, values, relationships and friendships.

what is identity crisis?

This is simply  being what you are not and being what you are not meant to be.

A crisis chiefly occurs when something has been distorted.

It comes about by allowing other people or your environment to define you.

Your identity is the most expensive thing and taking upon another persona will live you as an

actor/actress acting scenes in your real life.

Did you know

that when you don’t accept yourself you can accept anything else, ponder

about it for a moment.

Every  human being is fearfully and wonderfully made and thus taking upon yourself an identity

that does not belong to you will only result in rejection, pain and all kinds of sicknesses.

Identity crisis in itself has a myriad of consequences which include: failure, pain, depression,

oppression, deviations from strong relationships and death.

The best remedy of identity crisis is to learn to appreciate yourself as well as to appreciate

others. Moreover it is important to have a teachable spirit and seek proper guidance. Nobody was

born knowing everything. So equip yourself with the right knowledge.

Most importantly reverence for God will enable you to know yourself, your purpose and your worth day in and day out.

Success is never measured by what others have achieved but on how  you achieve God’s purpose for your life day by day


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