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Our diversity  our strength

Here is what the world says about it:

              “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world

                safe for diversity.     

John F. Kennedy

                “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

Malcolm Forbes

                 “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is

                  beauty and there is strength.

Maya Angelou

               “Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk

                through this world together.

Jacqueline Woodson

                              “Society is unity in diversity.     

George Herbert Mead


                            “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.

George R.R. Martin


                          “I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is                               comfort, where we overlap.

Ani DiFranco

It is never too late to give up your prejudices. 

Love you